How to Fix "No Service and Signal" on Android


5/8/20232 min read

Poor network signals in rural areas or highways are not uncommon. However, many a time, android smartphone users see the error of no service or no signal in their homes or city areas as well. These signal losses can restrict the most basic features of a cellular device. Many factors can lead your smartphone to lose its network strength. However, as standard as the network loss issue is, it also has efficient and easy solutions you can use to get your phone up and running quickly.

Let us look at some of the methods you can try to receive service and signal on your android smartphone-

Method #1- Restart the Phone: The most effective and the easiest way to solve most bugs and network issues on any android smartphone is to restart it. Restarting clears cache, random access memory (RAM) and resets any processes that prevent your phone from functioning efficiently. Restarting your device a couple of times every week is a good habit of keeping it in the optimal performing condition. Simply hold the screen lock button for a few seconds, and the device will manually shut down. You can turn it on again by holding the screen lock button for a few seconds.

Method #2- Use the Airplane Mode: Another effective way to regain your network signals is by manually connecting to the service provider. Simply drag downwards on your screen to reach the toolbar and click on the airplane icon to turn on the airplane mode. Wait for thirty seconds and tap on the airplane icon again to turn off the airplane mode. Alternatively, you can also turn it on and off in your mobile network settings.

Method #3- Manual Selection of Network Operators: Another way to manually reconnect with your service provider is in the mobile network settings. Choose another network provider from the list provided.

Method #4- Ping Test Method: Sometimes, the device does not get service when connected to another radio signal. To solve this issue, open up your phone’s dialer. Dial ##4636#*#* to get the service mode menu. Select device information and choose “Run Ping Test” here. After the completion of the test, check if the radio signal at the bottom of the menu is enabled. Restart your device again, and you should have your service back.

Method #5- SIM Card Issues: If none of the above methods help, your SIM card might be the issue. Turn off your device and take out the SIM card slot to check if it is appropriately set. Clean the space and place the SIM card again and restart your device.

Method #6- Reset Your Phone: If your device is still showing no service and signal error, you might need to restore the factory settings as your last option. Go to your phone’s settings and select “Reset” in the “About Phone” option.

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