Android Mobile Data Not Working? Here Are Some Solutions


5/8/20232 min read

The Internet has become the most essential tool today used by almost everyone
worldwide. And just like we cannot leave the house without our phones, we just can’t
have our phones without working mobile data in them. What is a smartphone without the
internet, anyway? Not just our phones, but many people use their GSM data-only plans
and AT&T wireless home network to connect with various smart gadgets in their homes.
But what if the mobile data stops working and you get stuck?
Let us see some solutions you can use to resolve the malfunctioning of your android
mobile data.

Issue #1- Your Airplane Mode is On
Solution: The most common reason for mobile data not working is that the airplane
mode on your mobile is turned on. Either you turned it on yourself or it accidentally
happened, but an airplane mode will cut off every wireless antenna including mobile
data, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. You will see a small airplane on the status bar if it is on. You
can turn it off using the toggle in your notifications bar or from the network settings
Issue #2- It is a Phone Issue
Solution: If your phone is the reason for your mobile data not working, there may be a
plethora of reasons to look at. However, sometimes the answer is a very quick fix —
restart! While it may sound like a joke, some minor phone-related issues can be solved by
simply restarting the phone. If it still does not help, you should get it checked by a

Issue #3- Your SIM Card Might be disoriented
Solution: Sometimes the SIM card may move from its place and the alignment of its
lines can change. Try connecting back to your GSM data-only plan by removing and
reinserting the SIM card. If this does not work, your SIM card may be broken or out of
service and you will have to contact your GSM network providers in the USA to get your
services back. You will get a new SIM card if the problem persists so that you can keep
your old number.

Issue #4- Reception Troubles
Solution: If you are out in an area where the network is not receivable by the phone, your
mobile data may not work. It may also be possible that the reception of your mobile
network provider is down. To solve this issue, you will have to wait until you reach an
area with a proper network or until the provider resets the network.
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