3G vs. LTE


5/8/20232 min read

Technologies change very rapidly. With the rise of internet-based gadgets, data technology has seen exponential growth. With the gradual transition from the horrible speed of 1G to the most convenient LTE, most of us have seen our overall internet browsing enhance. Today most mobile phones require LTE as their network. However, we should not forget that 3G provided the foundation for every user to experience faster internet speeds. There are pros and cons of every technology, and understanding the differences will help us realize further required improvements.

Learn some critical differences between the two powerful mobile data technologies here-

Definition- 3G is the third generation of mobile data networks. It took some time for 3G to establish itself in the digital world, but it has been around for a long time today. It has transformed the experience of internet browsing on smartphones. 3G first suggested that apart from voice calls, you can use mobile phones for downloading and uploading large amounts of data. 3G has become a channel for its users to accept higher technologies more quickly.

LTE or long-term evolution is the latest technology. With just one step below 4G technology, it allows faster internet speeds and better voice connectivity. LTE has become mandatory in most latest phones but is yet to reach its pinnacle speed.

Data Speed- When 3G was launched, people were familiar with using the internet on their mobile phones. They used phones for the most basic functions like voice calls, text messages (SMS), and media sharing through MMS. 3G took the world by a whirlwind with the introduction of HTML page accessibility and video and music loading. However, if you are used to LTE now, you will notice a vast difference in the internet speeds since 3G only runs at 7.2 Mbps. On the other hand, LTE runs at a whopping rate of 100 Mbps and has the theoretical potential to reach 1 Gbps.

Call Quality- LTE is an intelligent network. It can reroute calls to another path if connectivity is broken for any reason without dropping the call. It also prioritizes callers and numbers, with emergency numbers at the highest priority. In comparison, 3G was only meant to enhance internet speed.

Stability- By default, LTE is supposed to be almost a hundred times faster than 3G. But, 3G has well-established servers that give it the preferred connection strength and network quality. In contrast, LTE does not have good servers and can be pretty unstable if you are on the move. Especially in city areas or during heavy crowding of networks, 3G can easily surpass LTE with higher speeds.

Cost- As mentioned before, every technology has some downside. Depending on your location, the charges for internet connectivity can differ. However, LTE is much costlier than 3G and strikes you with large bill amounts. With the unstable connectivity, LTE might not be worth it for you.

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